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    Ladd Biro

    Ladd's other interests include golf; sometimes he finds it hard to find an opponent, as he's a scratch player.

    He's also been known to be a pretty fair handicapper of harness racing.

    Other Bits and Pieces

    Favorite Movie:
    "Scent of a Woman."

    Favorite Performer:
    "Too many to name one. Billy Crystal...Al Pacino...Shania Twain...Paul McCartney...those are some of them, anyway..."

    Favorite Song:
    "I suppose you mean other than my own? Actually, the answer's the same, either way: Neil Diamond's The Story of My Life. Easily."

    Favorite Food:
    "I don't know...I like everything!

    Ok . . . Favorite Fast Food:
    "I like Rally's . . . "

    Most Cherished:
    "My dad received as a gift a small statuette. Very simple: it has a man teaching his young son to ride a bicycle. He's standing next to it, or running, I guess, helping him balance. I love that, and more, I love what it represents. It's a treasured memory in my own life."

    Best Work:
    "By 'work' you mean something I created, right? Ok, Nothing's Said. But if you meant jobs I've had, well, anything working in music is in the running, but I know my least favorite: I was a kid, a teenager, and my older sister got me a job at a restaurant as a busboy. The lunch shift. Run, run, run, bus more tables, more flatware, more napkins, dishes, run some more . . . AND IT NEVER STOPPED! I lasted one day. No, not 'cause I'm lazy . . . but I woke up in the middle of the night, and found myself sleepwaking . . . I was �busing� my underwear! That was enough!"

    "Well, I love my Lexus, it's the greatest car I've ever owned. (But I've got a '76 Eldorado convertable - a collector's dream - that I keep covered.)"

    "I'm working on it . . . "