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     Radio Version $2.50
     Non Radio Version $2.50
    Includes both versions $5.00 (plus 3.99 shipping)
     Remastered Version $2.50

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    Christmas Is - Radio Version

    Christmas Is - Non Radio Version

    Christmas Is - Remastered Version

    Christmas Is

    Ladd Biro

    Over 50 years ago and during the 1970's, 'Christmas Is' (written by Percy Faith & Spence Maxwell), was a staple in the Maple Heights High School Choir's annual Christmas concert. Thanks to former music director John D. Stone and his family, recordings of the high school's choirs & bands were preserved.

    Taken from those original recordings, 'Christmas Is' has been remastered with a new vocal and orchestral accompaniment by Ladd Biro. In addition, long time music writer/arranger/producer Dan Schneider made his contributions to ensure that 'Christmas Is' is what John Stone always felt about this song - a Christmas classic.

    Track One (Radio Version)
    This rendition incorporates a beautiful counterpoint orchestral arrangement creating a truly anomalous adaptation.

    Track Two (Non Radio Version)
    Keeping in line with the ambiance of the initial recording, the track two rendition weaves the foundational arrangement around the original recording.

    * A portion of all sales will be donated to the Maple Heights Alumni Foundation. *